RFN Spreadsheet Resources

Help Desk and Tech Support

Need help with something? Comment on our Help Desk in the Raw Fed and Nerdy Facebook group here or help from community members as well as the RFN Spreadsheet team (me, Anh, or Savannah).

Is something wrong with your spreadsheet – a bug or an accidental cell disappearance? (Don’t worry, it happens!) Add “support@bettercellsnutrition.com” to your spreadsheet as an editor, and write in the share notes what’s going on with your sheet! We’ll be able to directly look at your sheet to see what’s going on and fix the problem! If you’ve added us previously, please delete and re-add, so we get the notification with your notes!

Tutorial Videos

Formulation Guide

This free step by step formulation guide takes you through each step of the process of formulation using the RFN standard spreadsheet.


RFN Sheet Manuals

Private Consultation and Tutorials ($)

Get one on one help with Jenny with a video call using screen share. Topics can include:

  • Reviewing your recipe
  • Reviewing the functionality of the spreadsheet, standard or pack
  • Creating a recipe from scratch
  • Reviewing formulation concepts and lessons to help you formulate
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