Samantha and Goldie

Jenny formulated a cooked therapeutic recipe for my chihuahua Goldie, who has a heart murmur. She is very thorough checking what health issues my dog has and takes into consideration what is available, as I live in Australia. The recipes are very easy to understand, with detailed instructions on how to cook and prepare. Best of all Goldie loves the food and going great. I highly recommend Jenny! (Aug 2022)

Clare and Richard

Jenny is fantastic to work with! I needed a variety of recipes for my dog to fit into some fairly tricky parameters. From the comprehensive intake form, to the follow up questions and ingredient checklists, Jenny made sure to understand precisely my constraints and goals. When the recipes came through - well, wow! Everything tailored precisely to fit my dogs (and my!) needs, and full, detailed instructions - for prep, for substitutions, and even a last-minute change due to a recent diagnosis. I highly recommend Jenny for anyone who wants to be sure that their dog is receiving personalized nutrition. Thank you so much Jenny! (Mar 2022)

Breanne and Tucker

I was referred to Jenny from Better Cells Nutrition and I only have good things to say. I ordered a recipe for my high energy dog with numerous food and environmental allergies. I was losing hope on finally finding a food that was free of his allergies, within budget, and still high calorie enough to keep weight on him. Jenny took into account his allergies, ingredient availability, my preferences, his caloric needs and my budget. She kept constant communication with me, let me make changes, and prepared the recipe much quicker than I anticipated. Tucker has been doing amazing on it, he is finally keeping weight on, no allergic reactions (he has been taken off some allergy meds), his energy level is high, coat is soft and shiny, his paws and nose are soft, nails are strong and not cracked constant amazing stool, his recovery from training is improved, ear infections stopped, and he has been more focused and less anxious as of late. I hope to work with Jenny again in the future, I am astounded by the results I have gotten! (Jun 2021)

Holly, Ceriah, Fynnegan and Jethro

Jenny was fantastic to work with and was able to ensure that all ingredients were easily accessible for me (which is great as I am unable to drive). Highly recommend her and will probably get more recipes in the future! Quick for replying to any questions that you have as well. My cats LOVE the chicken recipe and have yet to get sick of it. She made it easy to know how much food each kitty should get. My 3 say thanks Jenny we love our food!!

Marie and Tommy

Jenny was very attentive and understanding of my needs and adjusting the recipe to fit into them. I grew up in a natural disaster-prone country and I asked if the recipe can be balanced with wet and dry food in case I lose access to electricity or fresh food. She was very understanding and created two amazing raw recipes for Tommy. His fur is now as soft as a chinchilla and more importantly, his energy level has gone up! I cannot recommend her enough. (Feb 2021)

Linda and Neevy

A few months ago I started looking into changing the diet of my little rescue pom. I did alot of research and I came across a dog group who mentioned cell nutrition. I immediately contacted Jenny and decided to get a topper recipe. Within a week or two she came up with recipe specifically for Neevy. My rescue's hair has blossom. She had her check up a week ago and the vet stated everything looks great. She even commented on her coat. I can't thank you enough! (Feb 2021)

Gail, Gus, Frankie and Martin

Jenny developed a recipe for my 3 dogs. I took the nutrition course through the Raw Fed & Nerdy Facebook group, and ordered the spreadsheet to make my own recipe, but I didn’t feel confident in coming up with a well balanced recipe. Jenny came to my rescue. She was very professional, and answered all my questions. She worked with me to make sure I could source all the products in the recipe. She took into account the fact that I had a senior dog (11 years), as well as an active two year old. Two of my 3 dogs compete in agility, so their caloric requirements are quite high for their size. Jenny produced one recipe which I was able to use for all 3 dogs. I highly recommend working with Jenny if you want to feel confident that you will be feeding a balanced diet for your pets! She won’t disappoint you! (Feb 2021)

Danielle and Maggie

I worked with Jenny to develop recipes for my 1.5 year old, 28lb goldendoodle Maggie. I was switching to DIY raw from pre-made raw but was very overwhelmed and wanted to ensure I was feeding a NRC balanced diet. The intake form was very thorough and I liked how she specifically works with the ingredients I was able to source (I live in Canada). She also tailored my recipes to the combination of whole foods vs supplements I was looking to use. The turnaround time was very reasonable and she was able to answer every and any questions I had in a timely manner. She provided the breakdown of each recipe along with the information to easily import it to my RFN spreadsheet which was super helpful for me. The recipes were easy to follow and she also provided links to where I could purchase any supplements needed for the recipes. Highly recommend! (Jan 2021)

Heather and Rocky

Jenny has been amazing to work with. I wanted to feed my dog the best food possible, and there are a ton of resources out there for you to try and create a balanced recipe on your own. But there is a lot of conflicting information out there and I was worried about trying to do it all on my own. Jenny created 3 recipes for Rocky, which was awesome. But she also took the time to find out what kinds of proteins I had access to, what my preferences were for supplements and other areas. So everything was tailored to what worked best for me and Rocky. She also answered a ton of questions I had after she was already done with my recipes. 100% would recommend her to anyone on the fence about raw or homemade food! (Jan 2021)

Brittney and Odi

We're so grateful that we found Jenny! I knew nothing about dog nutrition before we adopted, but when our vet flagged a 5-6% weight increase in our dog Odi, I knew we needed to make some adjustments. I wanted to give Odi high-quality food that he would love, but also could be easy for us to manage. Jenny gave us a recommended kibble and cooked topper recipe tailored to our needs with details instructions. Within two months, Odi is back to a healthy weight with a strong food drive -- he is licking the bowl clean. I've appreciated Jenny's willingness to answer my questions and guide us along the maintenance journey. It's made all the difference! (Jan 2021)

Lindsay and Loki

I had you formulate 3 recipes for my very picky little dog Loki and I just wanted to take this time to thank you! He has NEVER been so excited to eat and I've never been so happy about what I'm feeding my dog! I'm a paranoid dog mom and was so worried about balancing his diet and switching to raw. and you walked me through everything and I am so grateful for that! I may have you formulate a couple more recipes in the future as well but for now I just wanted to say thank you! (Dec 2020)

Jun and Magnus

Jenny was a great help in helping me formulate a recipe for my cat Magnus! She was very thorough in her questions and took great care to make sure the recipe was adapted to both him and my access to ingredients. She also answered very promptly whenever I had concerns and was a great help to find a last minute replacement for an ingredient when the store ran out. I would love to work with her again in the future if I ever need another recipe! (Dec 2020)

Lorrie and Lucy & Tia and Nala

Lorrie: I just wanted to let you know what a breath of fresh air it was to work with you! You were very prompt and patient with all my questions. You answered everything and addressed all my concerns. I truly appreciated how fast you were with delivery of Lucy’s recipe. I will definitely be recommending you to others. Tia: I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for a nutritionist for their cat/dog. She is very professional and easy to work with. She answered all of my questions and concerns that I had in a timely manner. (Dec 2020)

Stephanie and Fievel

Jenny is fantastic, very knowledgeable and extremely thorough in her effort to make sure the recipe will work for both the pet and the people making the food. She worked to get a lot of detailed information on my dog so the recipe would be beneficial for him. He is thriving! (Dec 2020)

Mollie and Kona

I had recently adopted a Cane Corso mix from a shelter and was really interested in feeding him raw. I then found Jenny through a Facebook group where someone had highly recommended her. She took her time with me to make Kona’s recipe just how I wanted it and to make it affordable. This takes out all of the guess work and worry over giving your growing puppy all the nutrients they need. Thank you so much Jenny!! (Dec 2020)

Janea, Xander and Riddick

Thank you Jenny Ryoo for formulating both my boys receipes. ( 1 adult and 1 puppy) I no longer have to stress and worry I'm missing important nutrients in my boys food. I can now feed with confidence that my boys are getting a complete balanced raw fed diet. Thank you for making this process so easy start to finish. (Dec 2020)

Lisa, Disco and Zeus

To a person who is very new to raw feeding, has two dogs that are very different in age, and did not know where to begin, Jenny Ryoo was absolutely amazing to work with. She explained each step in great detail, answered the many questions I had promptly, and created a balanced recipe using ingredients I could source locally. I am so grateful to have had the guidance and pleasure of working with Jenny. (Dec 2020)

Athena, Ella and Otis

I recently worked with Jenny to create two batch recipes for my two dogs. Working with her was a pleasure! She answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly, and after she created the initial recipes, she altered them for me to accommodate a couple different ingredients and a different cooking method. She also gave me thorough instructions on how to use that other cooking method.. The whole process only took about two weeks and I'm very happy with how the recipes turned out. My dogs love the food too! Thank you, Jenny! (Dec 2020)

Athena, Ella and Otis

I recently worked with Jenny to create two batch recipes for my two dogs. Working with her was a pleasure! She answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly, and after she created the initial recipes, she altered them for me to accommodate a couple different ingredients and a different cooking method. She also gave me thorough instructions on how to use that other cooking method.. The whole process only took about two weeks and I'm very happy with how the recipes turned out. My dogs love the food too! Thank you, Jenny! (Dec 2020)

Kim and Bailey

I just wanted to thank you again for your work on Bailey's recipe. I wanted to compliment you on the professional approach, process and quick turnaround. Your form was very clear, you responded promptly and delivered when you said you would. You took my feedback on board and delivered exactly what I asked you for. This may seem a small thing but - as a really busy person like most of us - it was greatly appreciated. (Dec 2020)

Daisy and Paco

Jenny was very quick and informative in her communication. I have a 4 year old German Shepherd who was already on a raw diet, but I wanted to purchase another recipe to change things up for him. I was recommend by a friend to use Jenny and I was not disappointed. My Shepherd has many food allergies and Jenny worked with those limitations and created an affordable and fun to make, recipe. Not only did she include the recipe, she included step by step procedures, helpful hints, and educational documents that allowed me to learn and understand rather then just make the recipe. I will ABSOLUTELY work with Jenny again! (Nov 2020)

Jarri and Kavik

Having my puppy recipe formulated prior to his arrival meant a lot to me. Jenny was very responsive, answered all my questions, worked with what was available locally and with some of the supplements that I preferred. I can't thank her enough! (Nov 2020)

Linyan and Leica

I hired Jenny to formulate a recipe for my three years old Golden retriever and I am really happy with the service. Jenny was super easy to work with, she made sure I have access to the ingredients easily and acted promptly when changes were needed. Excellent communication and quick the turnaround time. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who's looking for customized and properly balanced meals for their furbabies! (Nov 2020)

Karen, Dante and Mia

I used Jenny to help me create recipes for raw feeding my 15 month old great dane female and my 2.5 year old mastiff/great dane male. I have been raw feeding my male for about 18 months with help from my vet, who has since retired. I wanted to evaluate how my raw feeding "recipes" were from a more experienced person since I didn't have the support of my vet anymore, and take my understanding to the next level. Jenny came highly recommended from a raw feeding facebook page. She was very easy to work with, answered questions very quickly, gave me two recipes that both my dogs could eat so I didn't have to make two separate meals and how to tweak them with toppers and supplements for each pups needs. She also gave very detailed micronutrient information which I can't wait to delve into more thoroughly and get her support on that. I felt her pricing was very competitive and it makes me feel better that I am working with someone who has more knowledge and experience than I have. Thank you Jenny.

Karen and Lexi

Jenny was wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. She is quick to respond to questions and adjustments. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a raw or homecooked recipe for their pet that is balanced and very palatable (Oct 2020)

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