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Professional Canine Formulation (Cert. PCF)

The Professional Canine Formulation course is an excellent choice for aspiring and new professionals who already have a strong background in canine nutrition and are ready to advance to applied nutrition.

This course is a deep dive into diet formulation and beyond. Students have hands-on projects throughout the course that simulate real client work. Students learn advanced concepts in diet formulation that provides education in how to work with numerous different dogs and clients. In addition to applied nutrition science, students will be developing their own professional materials, including intake forms and formulation hand-off packages. Students work one on one with an instructor for the entire course with personalized feedback on all projects. A full course outline can be found at the link below.

This course goes beyond the textbook. Through written and recorded material, the cert. PCF course is rich in applied nutrition ranging from advanced essential nutrient concepts, non-essential nutrients, how each of the nutrition guidelines actually work, how to use them, and much more. This course goes beyond calculating a base set of nutrient requirements for each dog by taking a deep-dive into how to fine tune the nutrient goals for each dog, formulating for the dog, and how to present a formulation effectively to each client. Students in the cert. PCF course will be formulating many different kinds of nutrition plans for different kinds of dogs and clients.

If you have a strong education in canine nutrition science and you are wanting to learn how to apply this knowledge professionally, this professional formulation course is for you! All course materials are provided in written format, and all lessons have an audio recording.

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Professional Nutritionist Mentoring

Mentorships are designed to help students make the jump from studying nutrition to working professionally with real cases. Mentees work with me to work through practice cases based on real clients. We will workshop your recipes and put formulation into the context of real life client work and challenges. I can also help with business development, marketing, and further discussions on specific nutrition concepts (as time allows, formulation practice is prioritized).

Mentorship Structure
Each mentorship program is catered specifically to each mentee’s needs and goals, whether that’s discussing specific nutrient or formulation concepts, practicing specific types of cases, or general formulation practice. I understand that students are in different stages of their journey in their studies, or may already have started working professionally. We will discuss your goals and your concerns and create an ideal mentorship program for you.

I can meet with mentees via video calls, phone calls, chat, or emails. Meeting times and schedules are flexible and set based on the mentee’s availability and needs.

About Jenny

I am the owner of Better Cells and am currently working actively as a canine and feline nutritionist. I am also an instructor for the ACAN Professional Canine Formulation course. I work regularly with both raw and cooked diets for proactive adults, growth and reproduction, some therapeutic cases, and commercial formulations. I particularly specialize in working with estimated data (such as RMBs) and formulating with premade foods (raw, freeze-dried or kibble) in full or toppers formulations. I am the creator of the RFN Sheet and can help with navigating the RFN Sheet, or with using other spreadsheet based tools. My education includes Southern Illinois University’s Canine and Feline Nutrition certificate program and Canine Nutrition certificate program (Cert CN). Read my full bio here.

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