Toppers Recipe


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A toppers recipe is formulation for a small portion of raw or cooked food that can be fed on top of a kibble diet to enhance commercial diets with fresh food. This is a great option for clients who may not have the time for a fully raw or cooked homemade diet, but still want to provide fresh toppers. Jenny will take into consideration your dog’s individual needs, based on breed, weight, age, activity, and environment, as well as your preferences for preparation style and ingredients. Toppers must be fed with the commercial food and are not complete and balanced on their own.

Dogs must already be doing well on their current kibble and eating within the feeding guidelines. If your dog has a weight loss goal, is eating below the feeding guidelines, or you’d like a toppers recipe that can also be fed as a complete and balanced meal on it’s own, a full proactive recipe would be more appropriate.


  • A custom toppers recipe made specifically for your dog per your requests
  • An Ingredient Check before your recipe is completed so you can request minor adjustments
  • A supplement shopping list
  • Batch ingredient lists for your preferred prep timeframes
  • Transition and preparation instructions
  • Aftercare support for questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns

Eligible Dogs:

  • Dogs must already be doing well on the kibble without problems
  • Dogs must be eating within or above the recommended feeding guidelines for the kibble
  • Adult dogs (over 1 year old for most breeds)
  • Dogs without health conditions
  • Dogs with well-known allergies
  • Sport or working dogs
  • Some seniors may be eligible (depending on the dog and the kibble)