Recipe Analysis


An examination of your pet’s current diet (homemade or commercial) to determine if it’s complete or balanced.

Eligible Dogs: Adult dogs and puppies without health conditions. Allergies, seniors, and weight loss cases are okay. Additional fee would apply for puppy diets or clinical diets.

Diet Analysis: You will receive a 2-3 page report, including a diet nutritional profile. I include my general thoughts about the recipe, how the macronutrient and micronutrient levels look, what is in excess and what is deficient. This does not include any specific recommendation for how to change or adjust the recipe.

RFN Sheet Analysis: Available only for people who use the RFN Sheet. I comment directly into the RFN Sheet or type up the comments in an email. This is a more informal analysis, and does not include a nutritional profile.

Add-on – Diet Recommendations: This is an add-on to either of the above services. I will include some recommendations for supplements, adjustments to current ingredients or recommend additional ingredients that may benefit the diet.

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