Diet Analysis


If you need a diet audit for pets with health conditions, puppies or kittens, contact Jenny.

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Not currently accepting new clients. Please refer to RFN Professional Directory for referrals.

Current clients, please email to inquire about availability. New clients, join the waitlist here.

A diet analysis is an examination of your pet’s current diet to determine if it’s complete or balanced and appropriate for your pet. Jenny will take into consideration your pet’s individual needs, based on breed, weight, age, activity, and environment to compare your current diet. The current diet can be homemade (raw or cooked), commercial (canned, cooked, raw or kibble), and can include toppers and additional supplements.

All services listed below are for healthy adult animals. If you need analyses for pets with health conditions, growth or reproduction, contact Jenny.

RFN Sheet Analysis: $50

Available only for people who use the RFN Sheet. If you’ve already audited or formulated a recipe in your RFN Sheet, Jenny can comment directly into your RFN Sheet or (compile comments in an email). These will include suggestions for changes and additions to the recipe. You must have the correct nutritional profile for all ingredients in your RFN Sheet already. This does not include a recipe nutritional analysis (should already be included in RFN Sheet). Additional RFN Sheet Analysis are $30 (audits must be done together).

Quick Diet Audit: $50

You will receive a 1 page report with the expected nutritional analysis of the your pet’s current diet. On the analysis, Jenny will note which nutrients are lower than your pet’s requirement, and which may be too high. This does not include a detailed notes on the recipe or any adjustments or changes. If you would like to purchase a full formulation after a Quick Diet Audit, half of the audit fee will go towards the formulation fee. Additional Quick Diet Audits are $25 (audits must be done together).

Full Diet Analysis: $150

You will receive a 2-3 page report with the expected nutritional analysis of your pet’s current diet. Along with the analysis,  Jenny will include her general thoughts about the recipe, how the macronutrient and micronutrient levels look, what is in excess and what is deficient. This is a detailed report that includes specific recommendation for how to change or adjust the recipe. Jenny will also note if there are any additional ingredients that may benefit your pet. This fee cannot apply towards a formulation. Additional Full Diet Analyses are $115 (analyses must be done together).

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