Pack Recipe


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A pack recipe is designed to have one base recipe that all dogs get, along with some individual toppers that are fed fresh daily. The formulation can be raw or cooked and is made specifically for your dogs. While the recipe can be fed to multiple dogs, Jenny will take into consideration each of your dog’s individual needs, based on breed, weight, age, activity, and environment, and each dog’s unique needs will be assessed to make sure the pack formulation is appropriate for the dog. Jenny is also take into consideration your preferences for preparation style and ingredients. Proactive pack formulations can include some commercial portion (including kibble or premade raw blends), or commercial or homemade treats for training or enrichment.


  • A custom recipe made specifically for your pack per your requests
  • An Ingredient Check before your recipe is completed so you can request minor adjustments
  • A supplement shopping list
  • Batch ingredient lists for your preferred prep timeframes
  • Transition and preparation instructions
  • Aftercare support for questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns

Eligible Dogs:

  • All dogs in the pack must have similar relative calorie requirements (ie big dogs need more calories than small dogs). If you are not sure whether your dogs would be eligible, please contact Jenny.
  • Adult dogs (over 1 year old for most breeds)
  • Dogs without health conditions
  • Dogs with well-known allergies
  • Seniors, sport or working dogs
  • Minor weight loss cases