RFN Sheet Customization – Neus Candela DVM



Dry Matter column customization for students of Neus Candela DVM
The customization is a new tab labeled “Recipe Builder with DM”, which includes a new column that shows the nutrient per dry matter percentage, and per 100g dry matter. RFN Sheet version 3 or version 4 are eligible.

For version 3 of the RFN Sheet, it also includes a checkbox to adjust the dry matter for energy density, to account for energy density if it is not 4kcal/g DM.

This does not include the RFN Sheet. RFN Sheet must be purchased separately from the Raw Fed and Nerdy website. RFN Pack and RFN Puppy Sheets are not eligible. 

Terms of service:
– The RFN Sheet customization is only for the current version of YOUR COPY of the RFN Sheet. It may not be compatible with future versions of the RFN Sheet. Adjustments for this customization necessary due to updated versions of the RFN Sheet are not included.
– The customization is only for the Recipe Builder template, and  does not include the Condensed Recipe Builder. If you would like the DM features in your Condensed Recipe Builder, please contact me to discuss fees and options.
– The customization is not compatible with the RFN Sheet add-on. If you would like to use the RFN Sheet add-on to save and edit recipes, I recommend you use the original Recipe Builder to do so.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

After purchasing this customization:
1. Add Jenny as an editor to your sheet
To add as editor:
Go to the green “share” button on the top right corner of your spreadsheet. Add “jenny@bettercellsnutrition.com”. Make sure to include in the notes, before you share, “DM Customization”
2. If you have registered for your course with Neus under a different email, please include the alternate email in the share notes or in an email to Jenny to confirm you are a registered student.
Please note this customization is done manually and may take up to 5 business days. You will receive an email confirmation once the update has been completed.
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