Feline Reproduction Recipe


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A feline reproduction recipe is designed with a special focus on nutrients essential for gestation, lactation, and early growth. The formulation can be raw or cooked and is custom made for your queen. Jenny will take into consideration your cat’s needs, based on breed, adult weight, growth stage, activity, and environment, and your preferences for preparation style and ingredients.

This formulation is specifically designed for reproduction and should not be used for adult maintenance.


  • A custom recipe made specifically for your cat for gestation and lactation, and for early growth of her kittens
  • An Ingredient Check before your recipe is completed so you can request minor adjustments
  • A supplement shopping list
  • Batch ingredient lists for your preferred prep timeframes
  • Transition and preparation instructions
  • Aftercare support for questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns

Eligible Cats:

  • Cats without health conditions
  • Cats in good body condition (lean)