Adult Dog Therapeutic Recipe


For therapeutic formulations for puppies or lactating/gestating adults, please contact Jenny.

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This formulation is designed with therapeutic nutrient guidelines specific to your dog’s health condition. Jenny will take into consideration your dog’s health history and individual needs, based on breed, weight, age, activity, and environment. While Jenny will take into account your preferences for preparation style and ingredients, therapeutic recipes are more restricted in nature as your dog’s health is the priority. Some therapeutic diets can include some homemade treats for training or enrichment. Due to the nature of difficulty of therapeutic cases, different health conditions have differing fees (see eligible conditions under Standard and Advanced formulations).

A diagnosis from a veterinarian is required for a therapeutic recipe. Jenny is not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose your dog, analyze medical reports or diagnostic reports.


  • A custom recipe made specifically for your dog and their health condition
  • An Ingredient Check before your recipe is completed so you can request minor adjustments
  • A supplement shopping list
  • Batch ingredient lists for your preferred prep timeframes
  • Transition and preparation instructions
  • Aftercare support for questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns
    • Standard Therapeutic: 15 minutes (per recipe). Does not include adjustments.
    • Advanced Therapeutic: 60 minutes (per dog). Can also include adjustments.

Standard Therapeutic ($125):

Dogs with the following stable health conditions are eligible for a standard therapeutic recipe. The dog must be stable (condition is not critical, health condition has not changed in 6+ months, or for newly diagnosed conditions, not expected to progress quickly) and doing well on their current diet/medications. This formulation does not come with extended aftercare or adjustments. If your pet’s health condition is currently changing or evolving, there are ongoing issues (especially GI issues) on their current diet or medication, or your dog’s condition is critical, see Advanced Therapeutic formulations or contact Jenny. Additional standard therapeutic recipes are $110.

  • Joint conditions (arthritis or inflammation)
  • Early stage renal disease
  • Heart conditions
  • Some cancer cases
  • Urinary stone prevention or UTI prone cases
  • IBD or Pancreatitis cases needing Rx/therapeutic diets (currently on or recommended by vet), without current GI issues

Seniors without health conditions and dogs with allergies but without ongoing symptoms are considered proactive formulations.

Advanced Therapeutic ($250):

Dogs with the following health conditions are eligible for an advanced therapeutic recipe. Advanced therapeutic formulation services come with extended (1 hour) aftercare, and can include recipe adjustments as needed. Some cases will require an internal consultation with Dr. Gray for formulation services. Once your dog is stable and doing well, additional recipes can be added for $110.

  • IBD or Pancreatitis cases with ongoing GI symptoms
  • Dogs needing elimination or novel protein diets for allergies or intolerances
  • Liver cases
  • Late stage renal disease
  • Renal, heart, cancer, or urinary cases with ongoing GI symptoms

If you are not sure your dog is eligible, contact Jenny.

Internal Consultation With Dr. Gray

For clients who would like a veterinary review of their pet’s medical history, internal consultations with Dr. Charlotte Gray are available. Dr. Gray will review your pet’s medical files and provide insight for formulation. This is an internal consultation between Jenny and Dr. Gray, but you will receive a written report from Dr. Gray summarizing your dog’s current health and recommendations for diet changes. Jenny will formulate a recipe per Dr. Gray’s specifications. Additional consultation is available for all formulations, but not required for every case. Please note this service has a greater turnaround time due to the internal consultation. Inquire for current turnaround.

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