Digestive Support Cat Recipe


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Current clients, please email to inquire about availability. New clients, join the waitlist here.

This formulation is for cats with minor GI issues, but no major history of food intolerances previously and no diagnosed GI condition. Jenny will take into consideration your cat’s health history and individual needs, based on weight, age, activity, and environment. While Jenny will take into account your preferences for preparation style and ingredients, digestive support recipes are more restricted in nature as your cat’s health is the priority. Some digestive support diets can include some homemade treats for training or enrichment.


  • A custom recipe made specifically for your cat
  • An Ingredient Check before your recipe is completed so you can request minor adjustments
  • A supplement shopping list
  • Batch ingredient lists for your preferred prep timeframes
  • Transition and preparation instructions
  • 15 minutes (per recipe) of aftercare support for questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns

Eligible Cases:

  • Cats with hairball issues
  • Cats with sensitive GI systems who do poorly on some foods but well on others
  • Cats with a recent GI episode but no long term GI condition is suspected/present
  • Well controlled GI conditions, such as IDB or acute pancreatitis, where the cat has been doing well on a proactive diet (does not need a Rx diet) with no recent episodes or reoccurrences within the last 6 months
  • For other conditions, contact Jenny to discuss your case. If your cat has ongoing, undiagnosed or severe GI issues, or needs an eliminate/novel protein diet, see therapeutic formulations.

If your cat only has minor GI issues, but you suspect you will need one or more adjustments due to pickiness, sensitivity, etc. we recommend a therapeutic formulation instead. Digestive support formulations do not include adjustments.

Kittens: For kittens, a digestive support formulation will include the same features as a kitten package, with an adult recipe version included. Adult recipe will be formulated once kitten is doing well on the digestive support recipe. You can add additional recipes once the kitten is doing well.

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