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Private Consultations and Tutorials

Nutrition Consultation

Discuss your pet’s nutrition and diet – 30 minutes – $45USD

A 30 minute phone consultation to discuss questions about your dog’s current diet, concerns about their nutrition. Consultations can cover any type of diet (raw, cooked, kibble, commercial). During the consultation, I can review your dog’s nutrition, answer your questions, and provide recommendations. This consultation does not include a full audit or formulation service.

RFN Sheet Review

Review functionality of the RFN spreadsheet (standard, pack, or puppy) – 45 minutes – $60USD

Short 45 minute appointments are available for RFN Sheet users who would like some hands on help setting up their RFN Sheet or learning how to use the different features.

This appointment does not include any aftercare – if you have additional questions about RFN Sheet functionality after your appointment, you will need to schedule another appointment.

Formulation Lessons

Reviewing formulation concepts and learn to formulate – 90 minutes – $100USD

In a series of 90 minute appointments, we can cover the essentials of nutritional science, how to formulate your own recipes, and any questions about preparing and storing homemade meals.

This appointment does not include any aftercare – if you have additional questions about formulation after your appointment, you will need to schedule another appointment

“Live” Formulation

120 minutes – $135USD

Some clients prefer to have their recipe formulated “live” during a video call so that they can learn through the process and ask questions during the formulation process. However, this less cost efficient than purchasing a formulation service (where the recipe is formulation offline and you are only able to see the recipe once complete). At the end of the appointment, you will receive the recipe information in a spreadsheet – a formal recipe report is not included but can be purchased. 

Due to the increased time it takes for live formulations, they are limited to:

  • healthy adult dog or cat recipes only (weight loss, allergies and seniors are okay)
  • 1 individual recipe or 1 pack/clowder recipe

This appointment includes 15 minutes of aftercare, just like other formulation services. This covers questions about the formulation, preparation instructions, ingredient questions, feeding amounts.

How To Get Started

Book and Purchase

Book your appointment using the calendar below.

Submit Intake Form

If you booked a Live Formulation, fill out an intake form for each pet. (Not necessary for Formulation Lessons or RFN Sheet Consults)

Receive Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation with your appointment details, including your Zoom link (for Zoom appointments).