Commercial Consultations

Services include:

  • raw or cooked foods for canine all life stages and feline adult maintenance
  • consulting and advising on current or previous recipes to recommend adjustments or changes
  • formulating recipes from scratch according to client’s ingredient and processing preferences
  • feeding guidelines and charts
  • spreadsheet template for creating custom puppy feeding charts for customers
  • Expected nutritional analysis for recipes (recipes not formulated from scratch may not be eligible)
Services do not include:
  • consultation on the production and sanitization process (best way to process ingredients, machinery, packaging, or  sanitization)
  • advice or guidance on making sure the company and product are in line with any government, legal, or pet food regulations
  • Lab analysis or product analysis
  • Kitten or Rx (clinical) formulations
  • Formulations for foods other than raw or cooked (kibble canned, freeze-dried)


Fees vary based on the size and complexity of the project. Please fill out this inquiry form to receive a quote for your project.