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Included With Every Recipe

Each recipe uses nutrient-dense whole foods and supplements (only as necessary) to create a meal plan that is complete and balanced for your pet. Each formulation is built from your pet’s specific nutritional requirements (NRC, FEDIAF or AAFCO), health status, condition, and growth stage. Recipes are built only using ingredients listed on your intake form, so meal plans are affordable and practical to prepare.


Each recipe includes time for follow up questions. This includes questions regarding preparation, supplement dosing, and any recipe concerns.

Recipe Analysis

You'll get a full recipe analysis so you know exactly what's in the recipe. You'll also get the recipe in the RFN Sheet format so you can edit and analyze the diet on your own.

Preparation Instructions

You'll get step by step instructions on preparing the recipe, including cooking instructions. Instructions are designed to minimize prep time for efficient meal prepping!

Shopping List

Included with each recipe are tips and notes on sourcing each ingredients. You'll also get direct links to recommended supplements.

How to Get Started

Purchase Recipe

To get started, purchase a recipe. If you have any questions before purchasing, please feel free to reach out.

Submit Intake Form

Fill out an intake form. This includes information about you, your pet, and what ingredients are available to you.

Ingredient Check

You will receive the list of ingredients in your recipe so you can check availability and request any changes. If any changes need to be made you will receive another ingredient check before your recipe is finalized (significant changes may affect your recipe delivery date).

Receive Recipe

After you confirm your ingredient list, your formulation will be finalized and you will receive your recipe! (5 business days)

Not Sure What You're Looking For?

Formulation services are totally customized to your preferences and ingredient choices, and your pet’s needs. Recipes can be raw, cooked, partially kibble, or partially commercial raw, or designed to include treats, be quick prep, or budget friendly. Specific ingredient types such as RMBs, vegetables, starches or seafood are optional and each come with their own pros and cons from a nutritional and practical standpoint.

If you aren’t sure what’s right for your pet, see this article that briefly goes over different types of recipes and different types of ingredients you can include or avoid in your pet’s formulation. If you have any further questions, contact Jenny with your concerns!


Most frequent questions and answers

Recipes can be raw or cooked, your preference! For some pets, a cooked recipe is better, particularly for older animals, pets with GI issues, or with low appetite.

All recipes are balanced to nutritional standards set by the NRC, FEDIAF or AAFCO. When whole foods falls short, supplements may be included to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. I work with each owner to determine if they want to maximize whole foods (which may be more costly or require more prep time) or if they prefer to use affordable or easily accessible cuts (which may not be as nutritionally impactful).

Usually yes. I can also formulate to FEDIAF or AAFCO standards!

On your intake form, you list the whole foods that are easily accessible to you. Recipes are made with only these ingredients. Before the recipe is finalized, I will also send you a “final ingredient check”. This includes a list of all the foods included your recipe so far, so you can double check that you can source the ingredients easily, before the recipe is finalized.

Once the recipe is finalized, there is an additional fee if it requires ingredient changes if you are not able to source ingredients.

Before I finalize recipes and send out a recipe report, I send clients an “Ingredient Check”. This is a list of all the foods and supplements that would be included in the recipe. At this point, clients can request changes to the ingredient list for any reason so that the recipe is adjusted before it’s finalized.

Growth recipes for puppies in the Optimal Growth program also include further adjustments for growth, so that the recipe is appropriate throughout the growth process.

If you need an adjustment after the recipe report is complete, an additional fee would apply.

Recipes are formulated for a single pet, unless you are specifically requesting a pack or clowder recipe. Since the recipe has been formulated for a specific pet, it may not be appropriate to use for other animals.

Previous Clients

Jenny was a great help in helping me formulate a recipe for my cat Magnus! She was very thorough in her questions and took great care to make sure the recipe was adapted to both him and my access to ingredients. She also answered very promptly whenever I had concerns and was a great help to find a last minute replacement for an ingredient when the store ran out. I would love to work with her again in the future if I ever need another recipe!
Jun and Magnus
Dec 2020
I was switching to DIY raw from pre-made raw but was very overwhelmed and wanted to ensure I was feeding a NRC balanced diet. The intake form was very thorough and I liked how she specifically works with the ingredients I was able to source. She was able to answer every and any questions I had in a timely manner. She provided the breakdown of each recipe along with the information to easily import it to my RFN spreadsheet which was super helpful for me. The recipes were easy to follow and she also provided links to where I could purchase any supplements needed for the recipes. Highly recommend!
Danielle and Maggie
Jan 2021
Jenny is fantastic to work with! I needed a variety of recipes for my dog to fit into some fairly tricky parameters. From the comprehensive intake form, to the follow up questions and ingredient checklists, Jenny made sure to understand precisely my constraints and goals. When the recipes came through - well, wow! Everything tailored precisely to fit my dogs (and my!) needs, and full, detailed instructions - for prep, for substitutions, and even a last-minute change due to a recent diagnosis. I highly recommend Jenny for anyone who wants to be sure that their dog is receiving personalized nutrition. Thank you so much Jenny!
Clare and Richard
Mar 2022
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