Jenny Ryoo

Cert. PCF / Professional Canine Formulation
Cert. CN / Canine and Feline Nutrition

When working with clients, my top priority is to create a diet plan that works well for both the animal and the owner. Each recipe should be a perfect fit for the family, nutritionally and practically. Choosing a nutritionist is a personal decision – if you have any questions about if I am the right fit for you and your animals, please reach out. I’m happy to chat!



Canine and Feline Nutrition Advanced Program

Certificate: Canine and Feline Nutrition

Canine Nutrition Program

Certificate: Cert.CN

Basics of Canine Nutrition Course


Washington University in St. Louis


2022 - current

Professional Canine Formulation

Academy of Companion Animal Nutrition
Author, Instructor
2021 - current

Certificate Canine Diet Formulation Course

Raw Fed and Nerdy
Author, Instructor

Formulation Tools

These tools help dog and cat owners to formulate science-based recipes at home. Using the RFN Sheet, users can create a complete and balanced recipe to NRC/FEDIAF/AAFCO standards using common foods.

RFN Puppy Formulation Sheet


RFN Pack Formulation Sheet


RFN Formulation Sheet

Previous Clients

Jenny was a great help in helping me formulate a recipe for my cat Magnus! She was very thorough in her questions and took great care to make sure the recipe was adapted to both him and my access to ingredients. She also answered very promptly whenever I had concerns and was a great help to find a last minute replacement for an ingredient when the store ran out. I would love to work with her again in the future if I ever need another recipe!
Jun and Magnus
Dec 2020
I was switching to DIY raw from pre-made raw but was very overwhelmed and wanted to ensure I was feeding a NRC balanced diet. The intake form was very thorough and I liked how she specifically works with the ingredients I was able to source. She was able to answer every and any questions I had in a timely manner. She provided the breakdown of each recipe along with the information to easily import it to my RFN spreadsheet which was super helpful for me. The recipes were easy to follow and she also provided links to where I could purchase any supplements needed for the recipes. Highly recommend!
Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 1.16.42 PM (1)
Danielle and Maggie
Jan 2021
To a person who is very new to raw feeding, has two dogs that are very different in age, and did not know where to begin, Jenny Ryoo was absolutely amazing to work with. She explained each step in great detail, answered the many questions I had promptly, and created a balanced recipe using ingredients I could source locally. I am so grateful to have had the guidance and pleasure of working with Jenny.
Lisa, Disco and Zeus
Dec 2020
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