Precise Nutrition

Custom meal plans for puppies, adult dogs and multiple pet households. Made with raw or cooked ingredients of your choice.

Recipes for cats and clowders to support health. Made with raw or cooked ingredients of your choice.


Building A Better Diet

When working with clients, my top priority is to create a diet plan that works well for both the animal and the owner. Each recipe should be a perfect fit for the family, nutritionally and practically. Choosing a nutritionist is a personal decision.. If you have any questions about if I am the right fit for you and your animals, please reach out. I’m happy to chat!

– Jenny Ryoo, Cert. CN

The goal in each meal plan is to meet the nutritional requirements of the pet by creating a complete and balanced recipe. Requirements are always based on science (NRC and FEDIAF), the health and condition of the animal, and weight, breed and growth stage for puppies.

Recipes are always formulated with ingredients that are easily accessible, affordable, and practical to prepare. I take into account your shopping, supplement and preparation preferences so that the recipe is right for you and your household.

All recipes include time for questions, follow-up and any concerns. You can always reach out if you have questions! Recipes can also be adjusted to accommodate changing ingredient accessibility and health conditions.



Private consultations and tutorials on canine or feline formulation, RFN Sheet use, and other nutrition topics.

Formulation Guide

A free, step by step guide on formulating your own recipe on the RFN Sheet for dogs.

RFN Sheet Resources

Tutorial videos, help articles and more resources for the RFN Sheet, Pack Sheet, Puppy Sheet and ELYP.

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Need help with the RFN Spreadsheet? Have a question about canine or feline nutrition? I’m happy to chat!

Please note that my office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm CST. Responses may be slow outside of these times.

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